Sam Vail Soccer Training

Sam Vail Soccer Training consists of individual and small group training for youth and college aged players. I focus on increasing players technical ability and tactical awareness. Unfortunately in America youth players are not taught enough of the technical part of the game at a young age. My father was a soccer coach and from a young age made sure I took pride in increasing my technical ability. As I grew older, despite a lack of height, speed, and overall athletic ability I was able to play for one of the top college programs in the country and spend a few years playing semi-professional. Why? Because my technical ability was very good.

I have worked with players aged 6 just starting out in the game to some of the top college players in the country. I tailor my sessions to the players current ability and coach them from there. My philosophy is that I don’t care how good of a player you are currently, I care that you become a better player through my sessions. My sessions are hard work and can be very tough physically and psychologically. You will be challenged and nothing but hard work is accepted. I want you to become a better player and a better person through the sessions and that only comes through hard work.


$45/hour – 1 on 1

$40/hour – 1 on 2 (per player)

$35/hour – 1 on 3 (per player)

$30/hour – 1 on 4 (per player)

5 Session Packages

$200 –  1 on 1

$175 –  1 on 2 (per player)

$150 – 1 on 3 (per player)

$125 – 1 on 4 (per player)

Location: Preferred location is Notre Dame College in South Euclid, OH

I can be somewhat flexible if you are driving from a longer distance however I have a fantastic set up here on a turf field with great equipment.



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