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Sam Vail Soccer Training consists of individual and small group training for youth and college aged players. I focus on increasing players technical ability and tactical awareness. Unfortunately in America youth players are not taught enough of the technical part of the game at a young age. My father was a soccer coach and from a young age made sure I took pride in increasing my technical ability. As I grew older, despite a lack of height, speed, and overall athletic ability I was able to play for one of the top college programs in the country and spend a few years playing semi-professional. Why? Because my technical ability was very good.

I have worked with players aged 6 just starting out in the game to some of the top college players in the country. I tailor my sessions to the players current ability and coach them from there. My philosophy is that I don’t care how good of a player you are currently, I care that you become a better player through my sessions. My sessions are hard work and can be very tough physically and psychologically. You will be challenged and nothing but your best is acceptable. I want you to become a better player and a better person through the sessions and that only comes through give your absolute best.





77409_143_0-rossiSofia Rossi – NCAA Division I Soccer Player – 2016 Ohio High School Soccer Player of the Year – “Sam is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and plans each session according to the player. It was great how he worked on finishing with me as well as adding some creativity to it too. He allowed me to express my own playing style while coaching too.”


Jessie Maniglia – Sophomore at Solon High School – “Through training with Sam, I have learned so much. We work on all areas of improvement, and focus not only on the amount of reps, but also the quality of the drill. He creates an environment where I can make mistakes and learn from them, and during sessions, he motivates me to become the best I can be. I’ve seen a significant improvement in my touch since working with Sam. He has changed my outlook not only on soccer but has taught me things I can transfer over into my life to become a successful person.”





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