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SammyV knows what it feels like to be depressed, broke mentally and financially, lacking in confidence, fearful, and unfulfilled. He found a way to break himself out of most of that even though he admits to still struggling with a lot of it just on a smaller scale. Through his Life Coaching, SammyV helps to guide his clients through similar struggles, and empowers them to move forward towards their dreams and purpose in life through a process he used to climb himself out of depression and into a purpose filled life.

As a Life Coach, SammyV has helped individuals of all ages to gain a clearer understanding of their purpose and mission in life. We were all created and designed for a specific reason. We all have different gifts, talents, and abilities that we were given to bring value to the world and people around us. In search for his own purpose, SammyV found that living on his purpose gave him a new energy and enthusiasm for life that he didn’t know existed. Through discovering his purpose he found that one of his gifts was helping others to gain clarity on what their own goals and dreams were. There are so many distractions and pressures that the world puts on us that many times it just takes someone to help us find that clarity we are all looking for.

Please contact Sam at to schedule a session. Looking forward to hearing your story!


Mara Petro

Mara Petro – Certified Life and Leadership Coach

“Everything and everyone that comes into our life is for a purpose. A good purpose. Nothing is an accident. Nothing is waisted. All things and all people serve to teach us and help us grow into the person we were created to be.

Last year I was working in job I hated. It was the first time I’d ever felt that way about a job. I’m a generally happy and content person and can find purpose in most everything I’m doing. But this job was sucking the life out of me. There was no joy in it at all. I reluctantly went to a conference with the people I was working with there hoping it would help me find more purpose and meaning to this job I was dreading. It did not. I did not enjoy the conference at all. It only served to make me loath the job even more and I realized I had to get out sooner than later.

While at the conference however I met a young man named Sam Vail. He was the only bright spot in the entire two day event. We talked in-between sessions about products that were being sold there and then about the stuff of life. Our conversation soon turned to more important matters when I discerned he was a follower of Jesus as I was and on the same quest to find more purpose and meaning in our work. It was encouraging and inspiring meeting Sam and we stayed in touch after the conference.

I soon came to realize that Sam was not just the sales guy I thought he was. He was this passionate encouraging uplifting writer and coach. After a few more encouraging conversations with Sam a fire ignited in me to do as Sam did and I set out to pursue my passion to encourage and inspire others through coaching. Today I am enrolled in the Professional Christian Coaching Institute studying and working to earn my certification as a Life and Leadership Coach. I believe this is something that God has called me to do and it had been laying dormant in me until a few people and a few circumstances came into my life to stir up the gift within me. I credit meeting Sam as one of those people whom God used to bring me to this point in my life. I recommend Sam to anyone needing inspiration and encouragement to find and fulfill their purpose in life.”

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