How to Develop Courage?

“It doesn’t take money to make money. It takes courage to make money.” -Grant Cardone

Two years ago I left a Starbucks at 9pm after putting in a 12 hour day completely high on life knowing I was finding it. I remember walking to my car on that cold night and stopping in the middle of the parking lot completely amazed at the feeling I had. It was a feeling I really hadn’t ever felt before and I knew it was something special. 

It was the feeling of true, genuine direction. I knew at that moment that I was beginning a journey, and truly starting my life. I was beginning to give myself permission to be who I was put on this earth to be and I knew it. It’s an indescribable feeling knowing that you are actually starting to do something you hadn’t previously had the courage to do.

2 years later I look at that night as a pivotal moment in my life because I began to understand what having authentic purpose is all about. Many of us struggle to find authentic purpose because we never seek it, and even if we do seek it we never have the courage to live it. Assuming we have sought after it, and we’ve begun to understand what it is, we still have another step and thats actually doing it.

That’s where a lot of people get stuck. We all have this dream on the inside of us that we are afraid to make known to the people around us, especially those who we are close with, because if they put it down we know it will devastate us. So we keep this dream hidden inside and go on living a life that pleases other peoples expectations of us.

I have kept this dream hidden for a long time and only a select few actually know what my “real” dream is. It’s taken me a long time to come up with the courage to start pursuing it and when I began to two years ago my life took on a whole new meaning. So how do you develop this courage to act on this dream we’ve kept hidden?

There is no amount of self-talk, reading the Bible, or praying that will give you the courage like validation will. It’s just true. We need the validation from someone that we can do it, that we are capable. There are a few people in my life that have gone out of their way to validate my gifts and dreams and because of that it has given me the courage to pursue it.

The problem is we seek this validation from the wrong people way too often. We seek this validation from people that we have never been enough for, or from people who are just negative. I see people who are constantly seeking validation and affection from people who have never given it to them, and because of that they continue to spin their wheels. I also see people who open up to someone close to them who is just a negative non-believer who puts their dreams down.

Stop giving these people this precious part of you. Give this precious part of you to people who are going to tell you to chase after that crazy dream and that you are capable. Give this part of you to people who will validate your god-given gifts and abilities. Courage is developed through encouragement and encouragement comes from others. 

If you are having trouble finding people who will encourage you, ill let you in on a life changing secret. If you want to be encouraged and validated, first encourage and validate others. You attract into your life not what you want but what you are. If you are an encourager, I guarantee you will begin attracting encouragement, and that encouragement will develop within you the courage to pursue your god-given purpose and dream.

Love ya,


Author: SammyV

SammyV is a college drop out, turned medical sales rep, turned writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. He hosts the Millennial Stores w/ SammyV podcast, speaks at colleges and universities on how to succeed in life after college, and runs his own private soccer training business. After battling with depression in his early to mid 20's he decided to quit is Medical Sales job, start his own business, and pursue his lifelong dream of being a speaker, writer, and author.

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