There are people that say they love the result not the process. That they love the destination not the journey. I totally understand that thought process because the process and journey can suck and in the end we go through the process even when it sucks to get that end result. However, I LOVE THE PROCESS.

I love the process because its the process thats taught me and trained me for pursuing the calling on my life. It was the process of chasing my dream of playing college soccer at Duke that has prepared me for what I am currently going through right now. All the failures, all the teams I got cut from, all the coaches that told me I couldn’t do it, the constant daily battle and grind to improve is whats prepared me for my life right now.

The process and journey of dropping out of college and trying to create a successful career without a degree is whats prepared me for the the process I am going through currently. Sleeping on a friends couch, eating two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day for lunch, sacrificing vacations, literally going weeks with less that $10 in my checking account with bills to pay is whats taught me for this moment in my life.

This is why I love the process and I think we have to fully embrace the process and journey. Sure the destination is amazing and incredible, however its the process and journey that makes us who we are, and prepares us for the next journey and process we are to go on. We have to constantly be climbing and challenging ourselves because there is a potential on the inside of us that requires us to get uncomfortable and do things that scares us.

Embrace the process and journey. Embrace the struggles you are going through. Walk with a smile knowing that its the struggle you are experiencing thats going to get you through to the next destination you are called to.

With Love,


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2 thoughts on “I LOVE THE PROCESS

  1. This is so nice, I am actually one of those people who loves the process. For it’s like the out come is just the manifestation of what’s in the process.

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    1. Yep exactly! Thanks for reading and the comment!


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