Double, Triple, Quadruple

“Sam, when do you plan on getting the book finished?” A question I received after speaking at Notre Dame College on the topic of the book I’m writing and some of the research I had done up until that point. This was in April and my response was, “I will have it done by the end of 2018.” Less than a month later I had it completed. 

I said it would take me till the end of the year for two reasons: 1. I was completely underestimating my ability to write a book 2. I was full of fear.

Most likely the reason it is taking you so long to achieve some of the goals you have is because of the same two reasons. You are completely underestimating your ability to achieve the goal you have and you are full of fear. Many times we set out to achieve a goal in the next 10 years when we could accomplish it in 2 years because we are completely underestimating our ability to achieve because we are full of fear.

I got on the phone with a friend from England three weeks ago today. He is also writing a book and had just finished it. He is not an avid writer like me, but yet he finished the book he wrote in just a few months. I realized during that phone call that I was playing too small. I wasn’t giving myself permission to do the work it was going to take to write the book and compress time. So for the next two and a half weeks I got to work. I doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down. I worked 16-18 hour days and two and a half weeks later I had a 45,000 word, 160 page book completed. I still have to go through the editing process but 90% of the writing is done. 

Doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down is all about giving yourself permission to succeed. I was taking a lot longer to write a book that I clearly could write in just a couple of weeks because I was imprisoned by the amount of work I know it would take. I was going to have to sit my butt down for hours on end and simply write. I was going to have to read and document for hours. I had it in my mind that it was going to take a year because I heard it took other people a year to write their first book, all the while I was capable of writing it much quicker.

Why wait? Why not just give yourself permission to go all out? If you don’t, all you are doing is wasting time. I guarantee I am still wasting some of my time on a day to day basis even though almost everyday, including Saturdays and Sundays, I am working on my dreams every waking moment. 

The biggest reason you should double, triple, and quadruple down on what you are looking to accomplish is not because you’ll get it done sooner, or because of wasting time. The biggest reason is it will completely change your perspective on what you are able to accomplish. I now know I am able to write a book in under three weeks. It doesn’t mean that a future book will take longer than that, it’s that my perspective of what I am capable of is so much larger. This perspective is now giving me the belief to attack other projects that I have been holding out on due to a lack of self-belief and fear.

Give yourself permission. It’s the greatest feeling in the world completely breaking through mental barriers of what you think you are capable of. The only way to do this is to challenge yourself, to push yourself beyond what you think is possible. You are capable. And most importantly, you are WORTH it. 

With Love,


Author: SammyV

SammyV is a college drop out, turned medical sales rep, turned writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. He hosts the Millennial Stores w/ SammyV podcast, speaks at colleges and universities on how to succeed in life after college, and runs his own private soccer training business. After battling with depression in his early to mid 20's he decided to quit is Medical Sales job, start his own business, and pursue his lifelong dream of being a speaker, writer, and author.

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