Give It Your Full Heart

Wherever you go, whatever you do, give it your full heart. People love to be around people who are present in the moment and give it their all. I am not impressed by talent or giftedness, I am impressed by people who give everything they have despite their circumstances. I am impressed by people who risk everything and go all out for something even when there is a good chance they might fail. I love being around these people because they are inspiring. I read recently in a book called “The Road to Success” that “the forerunner to all human accomplishment is desire.”

I really don’t care how talented you are. I know many people with a lot of talent but haven’t even reached a quarter of their potential because they never give their all in anything they do. I’ve seen it time and time again. I don’t look at those people and go “wow look at how talented they are.” I look at those people and go “wow, they could’ve been great.” What impresses me is people who have half the talent but achieve twice that of other people.

I am impressed with people who constantly challenge themselves and who are pushing their limits. I don’t want to be around talent, I want to be around people who go all in. People who are giving their full heart in the moment despite the fact that they might fail. Many people don’t go all in and give it their best shot because of the fear of failure and what other people might think. It’s easy to go along with the crowd, to just show up and participate. Whats not easy is to give your full heart to something. When you just show up and participate there is no risk of failure. When you show up and give your full heart their is a huge risk for failure. There is risk for pain and as human beings we do pretty much anything and everything to avoid pain.

The problem with this is without risking pain we can never really feel that amazing feeling of accomplishment. I will never forget the feeling, hugging my dad after my high school team had won back to back sectional championships for the first time in school history, and that game I had finally broken every record as a soccer player in the schools history. All the blood, sweat, tears, pain, and failure was completely worth it for that moment with my father. I had given that program my full heart for four years and my dad was there by my side the whole time. It brings me to tears just thinking about it. It brings me to tears because I know I had given it my full heart. I didn’t cut corners. I paid the full price.

I know I will never be the most talented person in anything I do. That will never be the case. But you can be sure that if I commit to something I will give it my full heart. You will never have to question my commitment. I love being around people that are completely committed to something because it challenges me. It makes me better. The truth is, when I go into battle, I don’t want to go in with the most talented, I want to in with the most committed to victory.

If we were completely honest, we all want to be like those people who choose to rise above the crowd and be different. We are all drawn to those people in some way. We are drawn to them because we are wired and engineered for success and achievement however one of our greatest natural desires is to be accepted and approved of by people. So this becomes a constant battle inside our head. The fact that we know we will have to be different in order to reach our potential but thats risking us not fulfilling our basic desire to be accepted. What I have found is that in the long run, you’re not only accepted, but you are actually loved and admired because you inspired others to fulfill their god-given potential and thats the greatest gift you can ever give someone.


With Love,



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5 thoughts on “Give It Your Full Heart

  1. I loved the message of total commitment ignoring the hoopla of being the best.
    If we understand it, so much stress would vanish.


    1. absolutely! a lot of the time its not the most talented that go the furthest.


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