One Life

Ive received some criticism recently. Some people call this “haters” or “naysayers.” To be completely honest, many times this makes me self-conscious. I begin to think about changing my content, posting less, all to please these people that don’t want my content in the first place. Sometimes it slows me down until I remember the concept of One Life. After speaking at an event recently, the topic of friends came up. Someone was afraid of pursuing what they wanted because they feared losing friends. Totally been there.

Here was my response, “when you make a big decision, especially one to chase after what you really want for your life, you learn very quickly who your true friends are. What you have to remember though is to the best of our knowledge we get One Life. And we can’t let the people who don’t support us and probably will never support us, from living the incredible life we were created to live.” I know as well as anyone the desire to be liked by everyone. What I am learning though, is I would much rather be loved by a few than liked by a lot.

I spent years of my life pleasing people, seeking approval by everyone, and living my life in such a way to fit the mold of who I felt I was supposed to be. This put me in the bar four to five nights a week on my own. It left me empty. Completely unfulfilled. Yes I was liked by a lot of people. But I wasn’t truly loved by anyone because no one knew who I truly was. I was living a lie.

I think we all need to get to the point where we have a revelation of the concept of, One Life. Not just that we only get one shot at life, but that it really goes by pretty fast and we aren’t in complete control of how long it lasts. This revelation should make us ask the question of why would we live it never being who we truly are, and chasing our authentic dream? I honestly don’t think life is worth living otherwise. Many times we think, ill do it tomorrow, Ill start chasing next week, next year when I finish school THEN I will finally get in the pursuit of what I want. If you do that, you are only a day older, a week older, or a year older and all you’ve done is waste the only thing we can’t get back, time.

People have questioned my work ethic. My response is always One Life. People have questioned many of my radical decisions. My response is always “One Life. You may be completely right. This could be the wrong decision. But I would rather try and figure out its wrong later than live my whole life wondering.” I think too often we do too little because we are afraid of doing the wrong thing. I don’t fear failure anymore. I don’t fear messing up and looking stupid. I personally fear not doing the right thing. I fear regret. And the truth is we really don’t have 100% certainty what that “right” thing is, many times we have to figure it out through trying and experience.

What gets me more emotional than anything is seeing people make the decision to get radical. To go after what they truly want. To bring their true self to the world despite what people think. To take a risk and step out on complete faith knowing that they might fail miserably but doing it anyway, which is why the movie “Rudy” brings me to tears every time I watch it. This looks different for everyone. For some its starting a business. For some its standing up for what they believe in. For some its choosing to try to have a child again after multiple miscarriages because they believe they are meant to be a parent. For some it could be to drop their full time job, to get their doctorate in pastoral ministry. For some it could be to take a pay cut to be a soccer coach because thats where they think they’re supposed to be. The commonality is its always radical and its always in revelation of the concept of One Life. You get one. Be who you really are and chase your authentic dream. Why? Because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

With Love,


Author: SammyV

SammyV is a college drop out, turned medical sales rep, turned writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. He hosts the Millennial Stores w/ SammyV podcast, speaks at colleges and universities on how to succeed in life after college, and runs his own private soccer training business. After battling with depression in his early to mid 20's he decided to quit is Medical Sales job, start his own business, and pursue his lifelong dream of being a speaker, writer, and author.

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