Why You Hate Monday

Lets be real, most people hate Mondays. It’s many peoples enemy. Its the day you have to go back to the job that you don’t really like all for a paycheck. Its the day you have to go back to doing and spending most of your time being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. What if you could live a life where Monday wasn’t your enemy but rather your best friend? That is the life I now live. I used to hate Monday with a PASSION. Now I love it. Why? Because I have a dream that I am actively chasing. I know my life’s purpose and mission. Monday is now just another day for me to move forward. Another day for me to create the life that I want to create. I am excited for Monday because I know I am going to learn something that I need to learn in order to move forward.

You hate Monday because you don’t know your purpose. You hate Monday because you don’t love what you do. You hate Monday because you don’t have a dream you are working towards. One of my dreams is to get everyone I know loving Monday because Monday is another day to move forward towards the life they want to create. I want Monday to become opportunity day because it isn’t a symbol of having to spend the next five days doing something you hate but rather a symbol of getting to spend the next six days creating the life that you want. Life is too incredibly precious to not love and be excited for every day of the week. This is the one life you’ve been given are you really going to spend it dreading 5/7ths of it? You don’t have to live your life like that. Believe it or not, but thats your choice. Thats your decision. You get to choose whether you live your life like that.

Become self-aware of your gifts. Begin to get in tune with the dream inside your heart. Then move forward everyday and I guarantee that Monday will become your best friend. It will become the day of the week you most look forward to because you know while everyone is mentally taking a break, dreading their day, you are out seizing the day. You are out creating the live you want and taking the day as an opportunity to move forward. I LOVE Mondays and so should you!

-The Professional Encourager And Uplifter

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Author: SammyV

SammyV is a college drop out, turned medical sales rep, turned writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. He hosts the Millennial Stores w/ SammyV podcast, speaks at colleges and universities on how to succeed in life after college, and runs his own private soccer training business. After battling with depression in his early to mid 20's he decided to quit is Medical Sales job, start his own business, and pursue his lifelong dream of being a speaker, writer, and author.

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