Adversity Isn’t An Obstacle It’s A Choice

We think in life that all this adversity that we hit are just obstacles and in reality they are not. Adversity is inevitable. In the history of mankind there has never been a single person that has not hit adversity on the way to achieving their dream. Its apart of life. It’s apart of our journey. Its what makes us. We need to change the way we view adversity. We need to view it as a choice. I learned this when I had a dream of becoming the “best” player to come through my high school soccer program and for our team to win back to back sectional championships (a big deal for Lancaster soccer, it had never been done before). About half way through the season I had gone through a few game span where I had not scored and performed at the level our team needed for us to win. It was after a game we lost 2-1, I had been double teamed the entire game, didn’t score, and sat outside in the rain for about an hour after the game with tears streaming down my face because I felt like my dream wasn’t coming true. I wasn’t performing well enough to achieve my individual dream and I didn’t feel like I was performing well enough for our team to accomplish our dream. My coach came up to me and said “Sam, you can either choose to overcome this adversity and move on positively or you can let it defeat you.” Wow life changing words. I bounced back and scored 13 goals in 7 games, 5 of which came in a single game and we won the sectional championship for the second straight year. Adversity isn’t an obstacle its a choice.

The reason why many of us choose not to persevere when adversity hits is because we do not have a clear cut vision for where we are going. The only reason I kept going was because I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish. This is why so many of us don’t embrace adversity. This is why so many of us choose to lose when adversity hits. This is why we need to have a dream for where we are going in our life. This is why we need to have purpose because when the inevitable adversity hits we don’t have an obstacle we have a choice and 100% of the time we will make the wrong choice unless we have a clear cut vision for where we want to go.

It’s not good enough to have a dream of being a better person. Or being a better salesperson. Or being a better team. Or being a better coach or manager. We need to know exactly what that looks like. Clearly defined on paper so when adversity hits we choose to push through instead of shy away and quit. For me that was to break every record at my high school and for our team it was to win a sectional championship for the second year in a row. I knew exactly what it was so when adversity hit I knew I didn’t have an obstacle, I had a choice. I can’t stress the power of having a clearly defined goal and dream for your life that is organic to you. Its what you really want. We could have made our team dream to be district champs, but thats just not what we wanted, sure it would have been great, but it wasn’t what we wanted. You need to get an organic dream and purpose for your life so that when you hit adversity you make the right choice. Remember the difference between where you are and where you want to be is adversity because its in adversity that we find out more about the man or woman we were created to be.

-The Professional Encourager and Uplifter

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Author: SammyV

SammyV is a college drop out, turned medical sales rep, turned writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. He hosts the Millennial Stores w/ SammyV podcast, speaks at colleges and universities on how to succeed in life after college, and runs his own private soccer training business. After battling with depression in his early to mid 20's he decided to quit is Medical Sales job, start his own business, and pursue his lifelong dream of being a speaker, writer, and author.

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