Happy Opportunity Day!

Hi my name is Sam Vail better known as SammyV. I am a speaker, writer, and soccer coach. In 2012 I dropped out of college with an empty bank account hoping to prove the world wrong that you didn’t need a degree in order to be successful. After sleeping on a friends couch for six months, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday for lunch, ramen noodles for dinner, making $8/hour working 30 hours a week, I made a decision to change my life. This decision consisted of reading every book I could find on people skills. Five months later I landed a job that required a degree and by age 24 I was in medical sales with the fastest growing book of business in my division.

After battling with depression in my early 20’s I decided to start pursuing my childhood dream of being a speaker and author. Since then I’ve built a successful private soccer training business, coached soccer at the college level, finished my college degree, played my last year of college soccer for a nationally ranked program, and done motivational speaking and leadership training at colleges and high schools.

What is Opportunity Day? While working as a Medical Sales Rep, I would call every Monday Opportunity Day because I noticed that most people mentally took Monday’s off. I believed it was an Opportunity to get ahead of the competition and create momentum during the week. My mindset on Opportunity Day has gone from being every Monday to every day, as every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, become, and move forward in life. 

So Happy Opportunity Day, lets learn, grow, become, and move forward in life together!