SammyV is a Private Soccer Coach, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker. After a few years of chasing a career in the corporate world, SammyV decided to search for purpose and meaning to his life. He knew he was put on this earth for more than chasing the dollar bill. He wanted to make an impact and inspire others to also chase meaning, purpose, and their true potential. Whether it be through coaching youth players on the soccer field, coaching individuals in life, or speaking in front of an audience, SammyV focuses on helping individuals to become better today than they were yesterday, to live outside their comfort zone, and to embrace adversity.

He often explains to his clients that “your comfort zone is your enemy,” because no one learns anything in their comfort zone. It is impossible to become who you were created to be in your comfort zone. Another component of his coaching is to “embrace adversity,” because adversity is what makes us stronger. Adversity is the place where we learn about what we are capable of. The key to overcoming adversity though is having a purpose. This is the sole reason for SammyV’s existence, to help his clients and audience to get a clearer understanding of their purpose so that when they experience the inevitable adversity heading their way they will overcome and learn more about the potential inside them. “A life without purpose is not a life worth living.”-SammyV

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